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Are whitney and andrew still dating

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I did find her somewhat quick to “label” me into a certain category, ie.“introvert” rather than really listening and getting to know me, but maybe she is just a really quick judge of character.Whitney, 29, confirmed that they ended their relationship weeks ago when they started filming the final week of "The Block" 2015.“Officially it has just ended, but in my eyes it was weeks ago, when we started working on the communal level...

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This made it difficult for Whitney to continue participating in the show.

Whitney won tickets to either the Byron Nelson or The Dallas White Out Party and being the giant sports fan that she is, decided to attend the next White Out Party. Another person was supposed to be managing the promotion, but something came up and Kyle had to cover it.

It was quite a hot night in May and the A/C at the Dallas Contemporary was really struggling.

It’s tough going through a break-up, and especially having to explain that to the other person.

The truth is, they had been looking for each other for years until finally fate intervened in May of 2013 to bring Kyle and Whitney together.