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C updating database

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Android uses the SQLite database system, which is an open-source, stand-alone SQL database, widely used by many popular applications. You can now define the various methods for opening and closing the database, as well as the methods for adding/editing/deleting rows in the table (see Listing 3).

For example, Mozilla Firefox uses SQLite to store configuration data and i Phone also uses SQLite for database storage. Notice that Android uses the Cursor class as a return value for queries.

Database support is the lifeline of every application, big or small. Within the DBAdapter class, you extend the SQLite Open Helper class—an Android helper class for database creation and versioning management.

Log; public class DBAdapter table within the books database.

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Each letter in the acronym can map to a standard SQL statement, HTTP method (this is typically used to build RESTful APIs The comparison of the database oriented CRUD operations to HTTP methods has some flaws.

Strictly speaking, both PUT and POST can create resources; the key difference is that POST leaves it for the server to decide at what URI to make the new resource available, whilst PUT dictates what URI to use; URIs are of course a concept that doesn't really line up with CRUD.