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Jigoro Kano, president of Tokyo's University of Education, incorporated what he thought to be the best jujitsu techniques into what is now the sport of judo.

It emphasizes using balance, leverage, and movement in all of its skills, especially throws.

Due to the fact that because you have filled your body with an acid the recovery is as much as 30% longer than if you went a bit easier and didnÕt vomit, without sacrificing results.

This is a very important find and many coaches need to take this into account when running judo sessions.

Judo prizes the idea of flexibility in the techniques, tailoring the technique to what is required in a particular moment.A lot of our older generations started weight training at the end of their careers and like many recreational people stick to what they were taught.These older judo players then go on to coach junior Judo players and teach them the same weight training techniques they did 20 years ago.Practitioners of judo wear a cotton uniform called a , or belt.The uniforms were originally created for the sport but are now used for many different types of martial arts.Judo players need to complete full body exercises (preferably in a standing position.) they also need grip strength, pulling strength, power and explosiveness.