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I suppose that’s why, a mere two minutes into the show (including the previous episode recap and the opening titles! Craig then explains the rules that fans of celebreality have missed so much: Team captain from the winning team becomes Paymaster, and gets to decide who is eliminated. 20Pack, The same can be said of every single heterosexual man on the planet. Every single one of your other more evolved shows, VH1.

) Craig Jackson comes on to choose the new captains for the teams. Jackson puts ping pong balls with everyone’s name in a bag, and selects at random: Chi Chi for the green team, and 20Pack for the gold team. Every contestant had a representative ping pong ball. It was just our good luck that the two men Brittanya “f*cked” happened to be selected. (And yes, I know these episodes were filmed before VH1’s evolution; but VH1 is evolved now and they would not air anything that had even a whiff of chicanery or underhandedness to it.) Brittanya: This is gonna be great for me. The captain of the losing team is automatically up for elimination. On to the challenge, which is what VH1 has wanted to emphasize all along.

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The idea behind this is that contestants on VH1 reality shows liked to 'jump from bed to bed,' meaning that the contestants love to sleep around.Less than one minute in -- Chi Chi walks into the room to see his homegirl Brittanya and bid her "good morning, my sweet," and finds her cuddling with the other man in the house she “f*cked,” her fellow gold team member 20Pack. And didn’t Chi Chi say something in the previous episode about being a badass now that he was on a show about money, not love? Again I say to VH1: What are you thinking canceling this show? Brooklyn, Hot Wings, Blonde Baller, and 20 Pack all had people spitting food into their mouths, and on top of that humiliation, they lost the challenge. Garth goes to Chi Chi and tells him that they will add Chi Chi to some kind of alliance, if only he will send home who THEY want sent home. Do you think a woman who beats people up for looking at her funny is going to just stand by while a man lies about sleeping with her? This causes Chi Chi to moan in that plaintive, Kermit the Frog voice, “This hurts real bad because I really like this girl.” “I just wanna say good morning,” he announces to the entire room. Um, Garth is in a bed in the same room with 20Pack and Brittanya. A question for Chi Chi: How could someone with so many tattoos be even more of a weiner than me? Mindy defeats gold team’s Brittanya, and the green team is the winner. Chi Chi tells Garth he doesn’t care about any of that, and he doesn’t even care about the money. Garth gives Chi Chi a look like he’s just heard someone say what might be dumbest thing he’s ever heard in his entire life. (I’m paraphrasing because Punisher made so much sense I didn’t feel a need to quote directly.) “She’s lying to you, dude,” Punisher sums up. “F*ckin’ chicks, man.” So 20Pack crawls into bed with Brittanya, to hash things out. When you think someone might have lied to you about a previous sexual partner, you get in bed with them. Sometimes, only when we’re laying down together in bed can we be truly honest with each other. The show details people's sexual interests and dysfunctions in a documentary style show.Some people's stories are really interesting, like the guy who's into balloons, while others are more mundane.VH1 assured us that the new edition of "I Love Money" would emphasize the physical challenges over the interactions between the contestants. Anyway, Chi Chi’s spitting strategy works, as the green team easily wins the first round. “No, I don’t wanna talk to you because I’ll start crying.” Or, perhaps, singing “The Rainbow Connection.” Anyway, she wants to manipulate Chi Chi into saving 20Pack, so that he can protect her. “That would be like Christmas to me,” Chi Chi says. They “f*cked.” 20Pack can’t believe it (join the club). She would have told me about that.” Yes, one expects honesty from a woman with a history of criminally aggressive behavior. 20Pack will try to commiserate over their respective broken hearts. Chi Chi should send home the woman who played them both. I’m sorry.” So Chi Chi stuck to the original green team plan, stuck it to the gold team, and came across as a mealy-mouth little Kermit the Frog. “I can’t wait till I see you in Chicago and thank you again for stamping my check,” 20Pack replies.