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You like to be the center of attention and insist on DJing each and every pregame.
We end our guided tour by visiting the chapel of the miraculous painting of the Black Madonna, which is the embodiment of the attachment to the Cult of Mary so typical of the Catholic faith in Poland. On the way back we stop at the restaurant settled at the foot of the ruins of ‘Olsztyn’ Castle where you have time for a meal and a chance to admire a magnificent view.

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To get through it, he had to get past a military blockade held by the Carthaginian army.

Somehow, Pytheas and his crew snuck past an entire army – although nobody knows for sure how he did it.

For it is a curious fact that despite our Special Relationship with the United States, our proximity to France, our common language with Australia, we have – wholly unexpectedly – become a nation in thrall to all things Scandinavian.

Indeed, furniture giant IKEA has just been crowned Britain’s Favourite Retailer, knocking John Lewis off its perch.

It’s easy to understand why the ancient world would have doubted that a poor sailor could have made the trip Pytheas made.

The path north took him through the Strait of Gibraltar, a place the ancient world called the Pillars of Hercules.

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When a man takes an interest in the things you like, it’s an obvious sign that he is very much into you.

This is even more true when he takes interest in activities that he normally isn’t interested in doing.

If you notice that he’s more willing to hit up the gym with you to try out your yoga class or if he’s more interested in spending time at your favorite places around town, he likes you.

No matter where you are, you always catch him randomly glancing at you.