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And “if you simply use Linked In to list your jobs, and your responsibilities at those jobs, other people will define your brand for you when they check out your profile,” she says.“Instead, use your summary to tell people exactly what you’re known for–or want to be known for–and how your past experience positions you uniquely in the marketplace. ” If you’re going to skip the summary, your headline needs to be that much more compelling, she says.

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An estimated 350,000 web cameras were sold in the country last year, many of which came with a default login code set up by the manufacturer.

For many brands, these codes are available online - meaning that those who do not update their passwords leave themselves in a vulnerable position to hackers.

A Russian-based website was found to be accessing HUNDREDS of cameras across Britain before uploading the content to the internet.

A third simply monitors an Ottawan’s front driveway, while the fourth stands guard over somebody’s back door. One hacked camera in Arizona was tapped into a daycare showing the daily activities and napping routine of a group of toddlers.

Hackers have created a website to hijack the webcam feeds of more than 73,000 people, including hundreds from Canada — and apparently at least four from Ottawa — and are sharing those video feeds with peeping Toms the world over.

The hackers’ website, believed to be based in Moscow, has collected live feeds from webcams around the world, showing the daily goings on within people’s homes, daycares, businesses and thousands of other locations.

Simon Rice, ICO group manager for technology, said: "The website, which is based in Russia, accesses the information by using the default login credentials, which are freely available online, for thousands of cameras."The footage is being collected from security cameras used by businesses and members of the public, ranging from CCTV networks used to keep large premises secure, down to built-in cameras on baby monitors."This is a threat that all of us need to be aware of and be taking action to protect against."Webcams are often used by many people to monitor their homes over the internet while they are away, but Mr Rice warned that this could be a big "security weakness" if it is not set up correctly.

He warned: "Remember, if you can access your video footage over the internet, then what is stopping someone else from doing the same?